Why Choose Us?

  • We NEVER Cage Your Pet.

  • Sanitary & Comfortable Environment

  • Personalized One-On-One Care For Your Pet

  • Eliminates Pickup & Delivery Times

  • Your Pet Feels At Home Because It Is At Home

  • Less Stress on the Owner & the Pet

  • Fully Licensed & Insured

We Are At Your Bark & Call!

bark Bathe & Beyond Inc. is experienced and fully capable of handling animals that are tempermental or "Difficult. " is your dog nervous, aggressive, too old to stand, gets carsick, or does not like water? No worries, we will accomodate your special needs.

tips on pet care

  • Brush your dog frequently to eliminate matting and promote a healthy coat
  • Exercise your dog on a regular schedule
  • Check your dogs ears once or twice per month to make sure they are not infected
  • Poor diet affects all aspects of your dog's healthy. Use premium quality food.

contact us

PO Box 632
Millwood, New York 10546
Telephone: (914) 450-6573