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Does your dog smell?

It’s every dog owner’s dream to have a pooch that smells nice. That when he enters the house after a long day at work, he is not greeted by that oh!-so-familiar ‘doggy’ smell. That when he has people over he’s not embarrassed to let them pet and hug his furry friend! What you must know is, there are natural dog odors and unnatural dog odors.

Therefore, in order to deal with odor you must identify which one it is, as this would help you to control them or eliminate them as the case may be. Natural dog odors are most prominent near the anus, near the ears and from the footpads. Also, dog produce secretions to identify themselves to other animals.

Although, these odors cannot be altogether eliminated, they can nevertheless be controlled. Sources of unnatural dog odors include: dog’s coat (which has not been regularly cleaned ), skin diseases , ear disease, dental disease or mouth ulcers and flatulence. It is possible to get rid of these odors completely after you treat the problem.

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